Winter Wedding Theme Ideas

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I’ve been meaning to write about my winter wedding theme for ages. We got married between Christmas and New Year so it was still Christmassy.


The tree was still up in the hotel where we had the reception.

I wanted a snowy theme-whites, silver and pale blue.

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There were no florists open near me over the Christmas break and those that were had no fresh flowers due to wholesalers being closed. It is worth remembering this if you are planning a wedding.
We opted for artificial flowers but, rather than try to make the flowers look real, I wired hundreds of beads and other glittery craft items.


I had planned to make the bouquet myself but I had a wedding to plan, 106 other things to make and an 11 month old baby so I gave that job to a lovely florist near me who worked her magic.

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The place settings were snow globes from Baker Ross. I bought in bulk as it was cheaper. Spent a whole night filling each of them with water. Printed everyone’s names off in cursive, blue ink and added a snowflake. They also doubled up as favours.


I did have favours however. I bough Christmas star shortbread from Sainsburys (with a long date on it) and, three days before the wedding, I spent the day at my parents house placing snowflake icing onto the biscuits. They then went in snowflake cellophane bags.


The centre pieces for the tables were these simple glass cake stands bought from my local floristry supplies place (a treasure trove of inspiration for any wedding planner) and I bought some big blue snow globes in bulk for the cake stands.

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Next I got some unpainted, wooden snowflake candle holders, again from Baker Ross and painted them white. Just before the second coat of paint was about to dry, I dipped them in irredescant glitter and allowed to dry. They looked amazing on the tables.

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I iced the cake myself, again with snowflakes and got a silver, revolving tree from John Lewis on which I hung blue, glittery hearts and light up parcels.

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I went for a white dress-purely to go with the winter white. My very clever auntie made my dress and the bridesmaids dresses and the lace detail on my gown actually looked like snowflakes.

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The year before we got married, it snowed. I really, really wanted it to snow for the photographs. A it happened, it rained. In the end though it didn’t matter and the white umbrella on the photos, I think look fab.


Had we not had Boo when we got married, I don’t think we would have invited children to the wedding. As it was, we did invite children and each child received an ELC Happyland wedding set to keep them amused through the meal and speeches.


Weddings notoriously can cost a fortune but they really don’t have to. Fair enough, I spent days before our nuptuals icing biscuits and cakes.


I gave the hotel such detailed instrutions (think post-it notes on post-it notes) that I think they seriously thought I had OCD but….


We had an amazing day and, the most important point, we didn’t start our married life off in debt.


If you are planning a wedding, think out of the box. I might be a Baker Ross ambassador now but I wasn’t when we got married and they really do have sone great items that work for weddings.


  1. It looks fabulous – I also had a Winter Wedding – I really must do a post on it, before I forget all the little details. It is the most wonderful time of year though isn’t it?! Looks like you both enjoyed the day x

    1. It is. I love Christmas. Although I can’t understand how I didn’t go tartan. My whole house is tartan 😉
      Let me know when you publish. I’d love to read.
      We’ve been married 4 years this December so there’s plenty of time x

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