Holly’s Magical Learning Wand-A Review

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is very popular in our house.

We have a lot of their toys-Boo got the Castle for Christmas last year and it has seen hours of playing since then.

There is one item thought that we have not been able to find-Holly’s Magic Wand.

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However, I was recently accepted to become one of KD Toys’ Mumbassadors and guess what the first thing they sent us?

That’s right.

A wand.

Not any old wand. It was a Holly’s Magical Learning Wand.

I waited for Boo to come home from school and told her there was a surprise waiting for her in the living room.

She was so excited when she saw it.



It is fun but educational too. Holly’s voice asks the child to match colours, letters and numbers and it makes lovely magical noises-just like the wand on the television programme. There is also a motion sensor so it can tell when your child is near (or the parents are creeping past it on a Saturday night!).


Hours of imaginative play have ensued including turning myself and Baby G into frogs on a number of occasions-thanks to Nanny Plum and the imaginative play that has taken place thanks to the wand.


If you know of a Ben and Holly fan, this would make a fantastic Christmas present and, at only £12.99, it my just fit in a stocking.





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