Our Very Own Donkeys

I am sure you know now that my husband and I are very spontaneous We hardly ever plan anything. Things usually just happen around here and, while we are a lethal combination together (especially where animals buying is concerned) it does work and we do laugh about it.

Over the summer holidays, I took the children to a local petting farm where they had donkeys. They were a big hit and we have been talking about getting a donkey for ages so I mentioned how much the children loved the donkeys that night and then, while the children were in bed, I had a browse on the internet at donkeys for sale and I saw one on a neighbouring town.

I rang the seller and we arranged to go and see it the next day.

It was a Jenny (a female donkey) called Minnie which I thought was a sign due to my daughter’s adoration of Minnie Mouse and on the Sunday, we piled into the farmer’s pick up with the trailer attached and trundled off to see it.

The fact that we took the trailer was a good sign in my opinion and I was not wrong.

The seller put a saddle and head collar on Minnie and both boys had a ride up and down with beaming smiles on their faces.

“I love her” said the oldest boy. “Can we take her home mummy?” He said.

I said he would have to ask daddy but then the million dollar question was asked. “What about the other donkey, can we have her too?”

The farmer and I exchanged glances.

We both know donkeys should be kept in pairs and these two were a bonded pair. The farmer asked if the other donkey (another Jenny called Snowy) was for sale.

The man said she was and our little boy played a blinder.

“Can we have both Daddy?”

Unfortunately we had only brought enough money for one but the seller said he was going somewhere later that evening that would mean passing our farm would not be too much of a detour so we could take the pair and he would call in later for the rest of the payment.

Minnie and Snowy had found a new home.

They were originally living in the field closest to the house and they are so soft and friendly. Both have been ridden but Snowy is a bit older than Minnie so we usually let the boys take turns on her and Snowy just walks with her or the boy not riding will lead Snowy.

They have been here a couple of weeks now and have really settled in. People warned us that they would be noisy but I have only heard Minnie bray once and that was when she saw me approach with treats.

We are learning on out feet as we have never had donkeys before and I think we have been lucky because they are so calm but we are so pleased we got them.

Even the baby has been leading snowy around. In the last few days, Minnie developed mud fever (our land is quite muddy when it rains) so they are in a stable now while she receives treatment.

Unfortunately the alpacas didn’t work out. They were too old to train really. We should have bought younger ones or done more research into them before we got them.

The donkeys are much more suitable for our little brood and they are lovely.

The farmer has told me the spontaneous pet buying is over for now. What do you think? Im sure there are a few more we could squeeze in.


  1. Oh bless, they are adorable. I have donkey envy. I would really, really like a donkey. Lovely that you were able to take both of them. Sorry things didn’t work out with the alpacas but it sounds like the donkeys have fitted right in.

  2. They are adorable, we love donkeys and adopt a few that are in rescue centres. I think another pair would be perfect to add to your lovely donkey family.

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