1. No, I’m not growing any veg. Have started with some herbs again and have raspberries, white & redcurrants. Want to buy strawberries and have them as a climber.
    Think your plants in the photo l-r are peas/sweet pea, possibly chives/leeks or spring onions and lastly definitely tomato. Plus the 2 herby plants, guessing at oregano and thyme?

    • Emma Lander

      Yes I know what they are. The others are definitely a mystery. I think carrots and beetroot but I have no idea with the others. Thank you though I won’t make that mistake again

  2. Anita Symington

    Hallo lovely ladies I am new to farmerswigeandmummy and am not a farmer but would like to have you mums as email pals and hear all about your lives living and working on a farm please let’s chat 🙂

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