Positive Birth Stories-My Amazing Caesarean Section

Baby J is now a month old and, before baby brain takes over my head forever, I thought now might be the right time to share my birth story.

We last left off with my 37 week pregnancy update. Like I said previously, my local hospital now gives any mother who is due to give birth before 39 weeks steroid injections so on the Tuesday, I went into hospital for my pre-op and my first steroid injection.

I had heard bad things about these injections but I relaxed and, despite the needle going into my bottom, it wasn’t actually that bad at all. Apparently, it is tensing that makes it worse.

So that was that and I went home to enjoy my last night at home as a family of four. In reality, I was on over drive making lists for Boo and G so very little sleep was had.

I told Boo on the way to school that mummy was going into hospital to have the baby and she started crying so then I cried. It was so sad and actually made me feel very guilty.

I was due at hospital at 12 noon and Hubster dropped me off at the entrance and off I went. I was admitted onto the ward and given my second steroid injection. I was monitored every four hours or so for blood pressure and the baby’s movement but, between then, I was free to wander round so I got some fresh air, visited Costa Coffee and just killed time really.

Hubster and my parents were looking after the children so I had no visitors and read magazines and books. At around 8pm, my blood pressure was very high so, after the midwife on the ward made some phone calls, I was transferred to labour ward where my blood pressure was checked every hour from then on. My last night baby-free was not the sleep-filled evening I imagined but I was very well looked after.

I asked about 5am when they thought I might go down to theatre (it had been a long wait wth G) and they said, with me being already on labour ward and they were obviously worried about me, that I was scheduled to go down first.

I still didn’t think I would be first but I text Hubster at 8.30am saying he needed to come straight from dropping Boo at school and I am so glad I did. Between 8 and 9am, a flurry or anethatists, doctors and my lovely consultant came in to see me.

I was dressed in a gown and just waiting for Hubster. He arrived at about 9.30am, whisked away to get his scrubs on and off to theatre we went.

Everyone introduced themselves and and I sat on the edge of the bed for the spinal block. Thankfully, I knew what to expect this time and the pillow they gave me to hug was used to bite down on and it went in first time.

That lovely warm feeing went down my legs and the adventure began. I asked if there were no problems with the baby would they show him to me over the curtain and they assured me they would.

I had my consultant and another doctor doing the surgery which, according to one of the community midwives isn’t all that ordinary and I do feel lucky about it because, not only was I in such good hands, but I love my consultant. She is lovely and you can tell how good she is at her job.

I could see the white board from where I was lying and it said the first cut was made at 10.24 so imagine my surprise when they told Hubster to have a look at 10. 31.

I won’t share all of the photos here because I do think birth is a very personal thing but the photos are so amazing of my beautiful second boy being born.

He was shown to me immediately-something which hadn’t happened with G and I was beyond pleased.

He was cleaned up and placed on me. He was perfect.

We decided on his name (although the middle name took longer) and tried to work out who he looked like.

Then it all went into a but of a blur. Hubster told the midwife that some liquid was coming out if his nose and he did start to look a bit blue so he was whisked away and a paediatrician from the neonatal unit came to say he was being taken there because his oxygen levels were low.

I was being stitched up and just thought he would be brought to me when I got to the ward.

After I had been in recovery, the midwives wheeled me, in the bed around to see the baby in special care before being taken to the ward.

It was quite emotional as I didn’t expect him to be in an incubator-I don’t know why. He looked tiny and vulnerable and all I wanted to do was hold him.

All of my babies have had a Jellycat rabbit and J was no different so I left the bunny in the incubator and was wheeled onto the ward.

My parents brought Boo to see me and, at that point I was ok. I think I still had a lot of painkillers coursing through my body and I was relaxed. By the time Hubster came at 8pm I was itching to see my baby.

Under ordinary circumstances, I would not have got out of bed after the caesarean until the following morning and the midwives were a bit reluctant to let me go but I said I would crawl to see my baby so they relented, took out the catheter and allowed Hubster to wheel me round there in a wheel chair.

Nothing makes you get up quickly after major surgery like the thought of seeing your precious baby. I don’t even remember it being that painful getting up-such was the promise of seeing my boy.

Off we went and I got to have a hold of him. It was lovely and a very special moment.

It wasn’t until I got back to the ward that I was so conscious of all the other mothers with their babies and I was there without mine.

The fact that J was in neonatal was awful and i would not wish it on anyone but, my actual caesarean was an incredibly positive experience. I felt so much better mentally after having J than I did after having G.

The theatre staff, midwives and all staff were amazing and my actual birth experience was amazing too.

It seems my problem pregnancy, being born at 37 weeks and the shock of being pulled into the world was just all too much for baby J.

In the end, he was in neonatal for 48 hours but, as time went on, I was able to go over and care for him regularly.

Despite his shaky start, we were discharged on the Saturday evening and our adventure as a family of five began.

I am so thankful that baby J is here and, while I still would have experienced anther vaginal birth, the caesarean was better for me and the baby and it really was a positive experience.

If you are worried about having a caesarean, don’t be. They can be just as special as giving birth the other way and for me, that and a healthy mother and baby is all that matters.


  1. Oh honey, what a scary time you had post birth. I’m so sorry you couldn’t have J with you for a while but glad he is all better now. And so pleased for you that your birth experience was so much better this time xx

  2. Such a lovely story – it’s nice to see that a c-section experience does t have to be a bad one Thankyou for sharing your birth story with us.

  3. This is a beautiful birth story – and I am so pleased to see that you were in such great hands. It must have been so scary having J in an incubator but thank goodness that all was well. It is great to see a positive c-section story. It may be that I will have to have one and reading this has really helped. He is totally gorgeous, congratulations again x

  4. Aww baby J is so gorgeous. I’m glad 6our c section went well, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to have to see your little one in an incubator though. I’m glad all is well and you’re enjoying life as a family of five xx #maternitymondays

  5. Absolutely loved reading this , brought back memories of my first pregnancy , I too had a selective c section and spinal .
    Our son will be 26 this year I wish I had been forward thinking enough to get photos of the birth
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Aww I know!! We didn’t get any photos with my second child’s birth so I was so pleased with these 🙂

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