Run rabbit run…

We don’t need much of an excuse around here to get hopping mad and I’m not talking about being angry. It is almost Easter.

I’ve always loved rabbits.

When I was at university myself and my house-mate used to dream of having a bunny village and, when we moved to the farm, I started establishing it.

photo 1

I did want to breed them but we’ve had two of them for six months with the addition of Carrot for six weeks and, with the absence of bunny babies, I can only assume they are all male.

Our village has an internet forum. I offered half a dozen eggs if someone could come and sex my rabbits for me but no one took me up on the offer.

Their summer residence is a chicken coop but Hubster has been complaining because they have been digging up the lawn.

It is what rabbits do but, I admit, the holes, which were not far off reaching Australia, could have broken someone’s ankle if they had fallen in them the wrong way so something had to be done.

I had a look on the internet and apparently, if you put wire underneath the run, the bunulas can still enjoy the grass but without the digging.

I arrived on the grass with some planks of wood, a hammer, some nails and some netting and began scratching my head.

photo 2

Thankfully Hubster came to the rescue and made a lovely little wire run for them.

Boo thought it was brilliant. She kept asking to go in so, when I had to bring shopping in from the car and bring washing in, I popped her in the run and she had a great time knocking on the door, putting her head in the hutch, saying hiya to the rabbits and letting them frolic around her feet.

photo 3

It was so cute.

Then, the day after, her little friend came around to play and they both got in to play with the rabbits.

photo 4

I will continue to look for that special female rabbit who might make the dreams of the three fluffies in our garden come true. Until then, I think they are enjoying themselves hopping around the garden.

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  1. Use to have a bunny who thinks that shes a cat. Sadly she died of old age and its a bit heartbreaking so I didnt get another one. But she always gives me a happy face everytime i remember her.

    Love your space for them! Kids seems to be enoying them as well #)


  2. Sweet rabbits. I had dreams of a flock of hens laying beautiful blue eggs. Bought 6 blue eggs and 2 hatched. Both cockerels. And long living ones at that. You have my sympathy. #CountryKids

  3. We have rabbits here on the farm for the guests to pet and like you it’s hit and miss whether the pairings are right and babies arrive! It looks like you have found the perfect solution to saving the lawn and the both the children and rabbits are providing great company for each other. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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