Secrets at the Farm

I am not one to keep secrets from my husband. I don’t think it promotes trusting relationships to omit the truth from your other half.

When it comes to animals in general and obtaining animals in particular, there are things he just doesn’t need to know about.

So my latest confession is this: I have placed an advert on a selling site, offering to re-home unwanted farm animals.

I know.

Don’t worry he will never find out.

If I get any hens or other poultry, I will just say they flew in.

Small things, I will sneak into my car.

It is if I have to pick anything up that the problems will arise. He won’t let me drive his trailer.

He says it is because he doesn’t think I would be able to manoeuvre it properly. I honestly think the real reason is he knows I would just rock up at the farmer’s market and open the gates for Noah’s ark to troop in.

He is probably right.

I would still love loads of different animals.

The other problem is that people don’t tend to give away Highland cattle or cute baby goats. The things people want shut of the most is micro pigs that have grown to the size of a donkey and are living in the back of a terraced house. Or other uncastrated males who have become unruly or vicious.

Cockerels who have a penchant for attacking the postman or castrated sheep where the owner wants a ‘genuine 5 star home’ which translates to never being made into lamb chops.

I love my advert though. You never know what message you are going to receive.

Recently I was offered four donkeys. I was so excited about them but it turned out that they were all in tact and it would have cost around £1500 to have them all castrated. I don’t think my farmer would have been so pleased about that.

Don’t forget though, there is a loving home here at my little petting farm. Just don’t tell the farmer.


  1. Oh I love the idea of you trying to persuade your husband that the chickens just turned up! I look forward to meeting the next additions to your menagerie!

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