Set your Family Up For the Day with Breakfast and Organix



We are all aware of the advantages of a good, healthy breakfast. It really is a meal to set you up for the day.


For children, breakfast is important because it helps fuel their brains for the many things they have to learn on a daily basis-both socially and educationally.


As a parent, it is all too easy to throw chocolate coated sugar-laden cereals at Boo but I know, deep down that such ‘fuel’ only powers her little body for a short time and then the peak in energy dips dramatically. For many children, this is when tantrums can happen.

Throughout May, Organix is celebrating breakfast to help inspire mums, like me, to get a great start to the day for their little ones.


You can join them this week as their nutritionist, Frankie Phillips, shares top tips on the Organix Facebook page about why breakfast is such an important meal, the nutritional benefits of starting the day with a real energy boost, and some deliciously healthy breakfast ideas with cereal and porridge that will work for all the family.


Weaning is on the horizon for Baby G and I am sure he will be just as enthusiastic about breakfast as the rest of the family is. Special packs of Organix breakfast cereals have a free Nuby spoon inside and, on first glance, it looks like a cracker for weaning.


We sit down and eat breakfast as a family every day. We use the time to discuss what is happening on the farm that day and what we have planned whether it be nursery, playing or tidying up.

I realise not every family has the luxury of eating breakfast together every day but if we all make more of an effort with our children, they really will reap the benefits at school.


For more information about Organix, visit their website here or their Facebook page. You can also join in with their special breakfast hashtag #babiesbreakfastclub and enter competitions.


*Organix sent us a lovely breakfast hamper in return for writing this post.

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