Siblings, April 2018

When G was about 15 months old, we had just adopted chicks which had hatched at Boo’s school and I took a load of photographs of them in front of the lambing shed.

Most of the pictures were wonderful and I have this one blown up as a massive canvas on my living room wall.

For Easter this year, while the baby was a couple of months younger than G had been at Easter that year, I decided to try and recreate the scene with three of them.

Since we had the baby goat too, I thought I would add her to the mix too but, as always, my idea did not go to plan.

I asked the farmer to make me a platform out of straw bales. He came up trumps and it was a veritable throne for my princess and little princes.

The problem came with the goat.

You can just see her behind G and the baby just did not like her one bit.

For siblings this month, I thought I would just leave you with the hilarious trials of a farmer’s wife with a lovely idea for an Easter scene.

Even me being on there did not make the goat any more attractive to the baby.

We did try again later without the animals with more success. It’s still not quite at the level of the original one from 2016.

Oh well, maybe next year.


  1. Oh Emma, you do make me laugh. I always have the perfect shot in mind and it never turns out as I had hoped either! Baby J’s face in these is priceless xxx

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