Siblings, August 2021

Wow. What a busy month we have had.

The youngest finished nursery and the other two finished Year One and Year five. September is going to be here before I know it and the craziness will begin again except I’ll have to remember PE kits for three rather than two.

We started off the summer holidays with a trip to the Tatton Flower Show. Considering 2020 was what it was, going out again felt strange but exciting.

Then we went to the Royal Lancashire Show as a family and then had a trip to Mrs Dowson’s farm park on the way back.

We have had farm walks and picnics and managed to acquire two Boer goat kids which are turning out to be great entertainment in a way only goats can.

We went to Junior Farmers at Kenyon Hall Farm and saw all the fruit fields and built a bug hotel in a wooded area. It was lovely.

We took part in #farm24 in connection with the Farmer’s Guardian and Morrisons which tells the nation about what different farmers get up to.

The children spent a day at my parents’ house and I blitzed the whole house in their absence as there were no interruptions for drinks, snacks and squabbles.

I then took the children and the dog on an impromptu day at the beach which was thoroughly enjoyable and they all slept like babies the night after.


I know people moan about the school summer holidays but I actually really enjoy not having to run around in a morning and have them all at home. We only have two full weeks left until the eldest goes back to school and then the boys the week after. Between now and then is likely to be a flurry of hair cuts, new uniforms and feet measuring.

Wish me luck.

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