Siblings-December 2017

Whereas last month went slow, this month has gone really fast and Christmas Day is hurtling towards us at breakneck speed.

It has been a festive month for the siblings-which, for me means only one thing…

Matching outfits.

Not just matching outfits either. Festive matching outfits.

We’ve had novelty

And traditional tartan.

It really does fill me with joy.

We have had a lovely month starting off with the Christmas themed markets in our village when the Christmas lights are officially switched on.

It takes place at the end of November and many people here use this as the sign to put their decorations up. I love seeing the houses all lit up-especially in the evening.

We also went to Tatton Park to se the big man again and that was a lovely experience.

The festive fun has then continued with putting our own tree up. The big two loved helping with this and I love how you think it is just then joining in the fun until I show you the photo of what was going on at their feet.

Baby J wants to be in the thick of it now. He is not content to look on from the sidelines any more and, at this time of year, it makes for one very glittery baby.

He is much less fragile than he was when he was born so he can take a bit more rough and tumble from his big brother.

In many of the photos I take, you can still see G doing something to one of the others-usually tweaking an ear or similar.

There are cute moments when G is very caring and likes to help with the baby but it struck me this week that in the nine months J has been here, G hasn’t used his name once.

He can say it. He just chooses not to. I do wonder whether he will still be called ‘the baby’ when he is ten. He probably will.

So the more robust baby means both older children enjoy sitting on the floor with him and playing. Boo is a lot more willing to share than G but when these sweet moments occur, it does make me so happy.

The older two go through a cycle of three scenarios. It can happen daily or hourly-loving each other to rough and tumble with each other to playing individually. I love it. I love watching them all together and hearing the squealing and laughter which reverberates around the house.

This is my last siblings post of 2017 and I am so glad I started it at the beginning of the year. We have grown from a family of four to five and, while the path has not always been an easy one to tread, we are looking forward to a lot more fun on the farm in 2018.


  1. So many lovely photos from the month. I love the matching elf outfits. Love that Baby J likes to try and be wherever his siblings are too – even with the risk of getting glittery as a result! Hope you have a lovely Christmas. #siblingsproject

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