Siblings, December 2020

It has been all about the C word at the farm this last month and, for once I don’t mean Covid.

Christmas seems to have begun even earlier this year but, due to the nature of my children in general and the youngest in particular, I resisted in following the crowd and didn’t put the decorations up until the first weekend in December.

True to form, four hours after the tree went up, it came right back down so baler twine has been brought in as back up should any shenanigans happen again.

I decided to get my monies worth out of their festive outfits this year and we have worn Christmas jumpers or dresses each weekend.

One November Saturday was a sheep moving day and the farmer ambitiously decided to run the lambs the whole length of the farm to the front field.

The children and I were stationed on the main drive to ensure no sheep escaped onto the road and it felt like we were waiting an age for them to arrive.

They did eventually arrive and we were very pleased that they ran straight into the field with no problems.

With the children at different education settings, weekdays see very little time outside as the eldest leaves for school and comes home in the dark at this time of year. The boys sometimes have an hour before she comes home to play out.

Weekends though see me throw open the doors for fresh air. The first weekend in December saw us writing letters to Father Christmas, walking to the post box to post them and decorating gingerbread houses.

They loved every minute of these activities and the week before Christmas when they are off school will see me trying to find other festive activities for them to partake in. I imagine a lot of baking will take place.

2020 has been the strangest and hardest of years but, as always, thank you for following their 2020 journey.














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