Siblings, February 2019

I enjoy looking back at my photos each month to remember what we have been up to. The last month has seen the eldest turn eight and the middle one turn four so there have been day trips, presents, candles and, most importantly, cake.

We went to the Blue Planet Aquarium and have enjoyed countless trips to cafes and garden centres for lunch or a play.

I suppose the biggest story of the month (apart from the birthdays) has been the snow. What a joy that was to see the boys enjoy their first proper snow day. It did prove too cold for the baby but G enjoyed every single minute out there and it was so lovely to see him enjoying himself so much.

As always, it was days spent on the farm that happened most often and the children are certainly making the most of the more daylight in the evenings.

They love being outdoors and it is so much easier when it warms up a bit and is dry.

The dynamic has changed a bit too which has been nice. Usually, the eldest could take or leave her baby brother but the last few weeks, she has been actively playing with him and he even gave her a big kiss.

While it is usually the boys that play the best together (I imagine because they are closest in age and Boo is at school for most of the day), the added playmate for the baby has been a big welcome.

Squabbles do still happen and I suppose it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t mention that the younger two had their first proper fisty cuff fight this month which I watched closely (with popcorn of course) and only intervened when it became too violent. I am a strong believer in letting them fight their own little battles between themselves.

By the time of the next siblings post, my baby will have turned two. Where has that gone?


  1. I LOVE your siblings posts. Your children always look like they’re having a ball. I hope nobody got hurt in the fight – I’m with you and tend to let them sort it out themselves to a point. How are our little ones nearly two, by the way?! I can’t believe it! xxx

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