1. Good for you! You’re so right, it’s a great time to buy from charity shops when everyone else is decluttering! Our house is definitely lived in. I do need to get rid of some bits and pieces but it will never be minimalist (or grey) and I wouldn’t want it to be.

  2. Hurray!
    I am so bored with people hugging their stuff and throwing it out. And grey everything – what is that all about!
    If you love something, buy it. Have it on display and enjoy it everyday. Live is for living.
    Sidenote, we really do need to sort that charity shop day we were going to do don’t we!!

  3. Oh Emma I am soo in your camp! I hate the adverts in magazines, even my beloved Country Living, where they show mauseleum-style kitchens with no heart whatsoever. I have dust from my Rayburn for a good part of the year, open shelves covered in flour from baking and my husband mending his chainsaw on the kitchen table – not to mention orphan lambs at times living with us. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. I do give some things away but I am certainly not minimalist when it comes to the kitchen. In charity shops I head straight to the crockery and linen, glass wear anything vintage that suits our house, no, our home because that it what we have, a lived in home.x

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