Siblings, July 2018

It seems like an age since we were sat in our secret woods for last month’s sibling post. The long, hot sunny days have seemed endless and the relationships are blossoming between my three at the moment.

They have all enjoyed the paddling pool although the baby has had his fair share of dunking, largely due to him toppling over when trying to get in but also when his big brother pushes him over.

It seems the big two are still getting on a lot of the time and the boys play really well together a lot of the time bit lately, the baby seems to have become the annoying little brother and the older two unite in their eye rolling.

It is always the baby who has toys taken off him and is injured and pushed over.

Little do they know that he takes full revenge when they are at school and nursery, playing with all of their toys and generally having a great time of freedom.

The baby idolises his siblings and really tries to keep up with them. unfortunately or him, he tries to climb everything like his brother did (and still does) so I regularly find the boys in compromising positions.

The bath has had more use than usual in the last month because a dry, dusty farm and suncream sticks so I have had some very grubby children but I love that. I love seeing how much fun they have had smeared all over their faces.

We have just over a week left until the long six week summer holidays begin and, while the farm needs rain, it would be nice of it rained over night and left sunny days for us to have many, many farm adventures.

I can hardly believe that when I write my siblings post next month, I will have one child going into Year three and one embarking on his full year of nursery.

Doesn’t time fly?


  1. Your younger two sound like my two boys. I spend a lot of time saying “stop it!!” and “sharing is caring” …love that he gets revenge though when they’re at school

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