Siblings, July 2021

I’m a bit late with this month’s Siblings post because I have struggled knowing what day it is.

I keep thinking it is the beginning of July not that we are half way through.

It’s been another month of sunny days and farm picnics.

Hay has been made and we have moved around the various fields as daddy has. It always feels weird to think that you spend all summer making feed to get us through the winter. I suppose that is the nature of farming and the cycle of the year.

The children are growing up. The boys said they wanted a change from the farm themed room they sleep in. I haven’t managed to emulsion the wall yet but they were very excited with their new Pokemon duvet cover and rug.

The children and I joined a gym just before they all closed last year and we have recently rejoined as the boys are having swimming lessons there and we are all enjoying the pool together. We even managed to get the farmer there one day which the children loved.

We are now entering into the last week at school and nursery. I know many parents dread the school holidays but compared to lockdown last year, six weeks seems more than manageable.

I love having them home and not have to rush around every morning. We have no real plans but I am sure we will find lots of things to do.

The chances of me getting through the next week without crying is slim to none. All three children have been to the same nursery and it feels like yesterday I took my eldest there for the first time and now it is the turn of her baby brother to leave and start his new adventure in school.

It goes so fast.

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