Siblings, June 2020

Another month at home on the farm and the siblings are still, mostly, having a great time together.

A lot of warm sunny weather has helped and we have taken the dogs for walks, been on nature trails and set up little play areas on the grass or in the front field.

The warm weather has meant the paddling pool has been out in force and the addition of their slide into it was the source of much enjoyment.

The farmer mowed and baled a couple of fields so we headed down there a few times to see Daddy on the tractor. It always surprises me when they have so much fun just running around in long grass and letting their imaginations run wild.

At the moment, they love a dinosaur programme on YouTube so everything is copied from that and they run around with back packs and baseball hats saying “oh maaaan” several times an hour. It is so funny.

A temporary reprieve on the chicken ban saw my eldest boy somehow persuade me to get turkey chicks but looking after them has provided us with a bit a variety during lockdown.

This month has also seen our annual sheep shearing day and, as always, after the novelty faded, you could find my three near the food. It was a great day and we were all exhausted afterwards.

Their interest in the garden and planting things has not diminished which I think is lovely and the boys were especially delighted to find that some rocks they planted had sprouted. They must be weeds but I am not going to be telling them that.

It is still difficult with the no grandparents and both sides are missing each other very much but we are doing what we have to do to try and keep everybody safe.

Can you believe we are half way through the year?

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