Siblings, March 2018

Every month, before I sit down to write my siblings post, I look back at the last one. Not just to see the photos I took and used but to see what we did last month.

I actually thought not much had happened in the last month but I was wrong.

In the last month, our last farm baby turned one and we have cerebrated being a family of five for a whole year.

The year has not all been plain sailing. The siblings do not get on all of the time. Sometimes the dynamics change and two will get along and then to will change and the duo will change.

It is the times that the three of them play together nicely that I cherish the most. It is a rare thing. Not because they don’t get along but with a six year age gap between oldest and youngest as well as Boo being out at school a lot of the time, the boys spend a lot of time together.

They are both pleased when Boo comes in from school though and they both have a lovely relationship with her, apart from the times Baby J has made a grab for Boo’s hair and that has not ended well but, he has grabbed mine too and it does hurt.

I love it at weekend when we are not rushing to get dressed and Boo sits on the chair in her new room to get her hair done and the boys gather around thinking they are missing out and want their hair done too.

It has been a cold month but relatively dry so we have had the opportunity to get out most days.

We have had two lambs as I write this and there are eggs in the incubator which I am hoping will hatch very soon.

I have great plans for Easter photographs of the siblings surrounded by as many baby animals that I can squeeze on but we all know how my plans usually go so I am not holding my breath.

Here’s to the next year as a family of five.


  1. Boo is such a happy little thing. She’s beaming in every one of these photos! I love it when my two play together too. Makes it all worthwhile xx

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