Siblings, May 2018

It’s been a month of big changes with the siblings this time.

G has started nursery and Boo has moved schools. They have both taken it very well and it makes me ever so proud of them-Boo especially.

This has meant that the baby has three hours a day when he is not having toys snatched from him and he can do and play with whatever he wishes.

I had thought it would do him good and, while I am sure it does, it makes him even more pleased seeing his big brother at lunch time.

We have also had the first lot of warm weather of the year and my outdoors siblings have been outdoors even more than usual.

A bit grubbier but full of joy for the freedom outside brings. The sand pit, paddling pool and water table is out. That is more or less the start of summer at the farm.

I love being in the kitchen and hearing them chatting and playing together. It is the most beautiful sound in the world.

They have eaten their meals outside and I don’t know if it is coincidence but they seem to eat better on their own without me pecking at them. It’s still a table for three inside though as I can’t trust the baby to not share his dinner with the dog or the floor or both.

The big two are role playing a lot more now. They go on holiday at least once a day (wishful thinking) and I found them playing with an old pair of curtains on the floor. They made them into a bed-come-den and G was daddy and Boo was mummy. How lovely is that?

The biggest problem for them this month is the constant battle between the two boys and outdoor toys. Boo’s old Little Tikes car is the main source of all argument so, I think I a going to have to concede to this and buy another. Whether this will help I do not know as it seems having two Skuttle Bugs has just made G make both of them “mine”. I think it is worth a try though.

As I write this we are in the middle of another sunny period and it just makes everything feel better.

Long may it continue.

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