Siblings, October 2018

I seem to have lost track of time this month with my Siblings posts. I only realised it was time when I saw other bloggers had published. Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?

Usually I try to have at least one posed shot but I worried as I looked back on my phone.

Thankfully, we went to Junior Farmers at Kenyon Hall Farm earlier in the month and, while they were not perfect, I was pleased that at least I got some photos of the three of them. The baby had only woken up moments before so that was why he was a little grumpy.

I love all the tartan in Next at the moment for kids and bought my eldest this blouse and a dress.

The new term has been in full swing and my eldest’s class visited the farm as part of their geography work which was lovely and they said we won the most interesting home. I ensured we had a horse and goats running around the garden upon they arrival and the two boys enjoyed seeing their big sister in the middle of the day.

We have had a run of pretty good weather (interspersed with some bad) so we have still been outside a lot and, when it was bad, we made use of our puddle suits.

We are having some work done on the house so the boys have loved pretending to be builders and even the toy tractors have managed to pull around rubble.

Boo has started a new dance class in the town centre so I’ve had to find something for the boys to do in that hour. Thankfully there is a pro nearby but I have also made the most of our local museum which is great at letting them get hands on and they have touched fossils and fell in love with a dinosaur which actually walked the streets here millions of years ago.

We are now looking forward to half term and Halloween next month. I will make a note to myself to get a more staged photo next month.


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