Siblings, September 2019

This month’s siblings post sees the end of the summer holidays and the beginning of the school year.

We still made use of our National Trust Membership by visiting Dunham Massey for a lovely day and we were joined there by my parents which was lovely.

A lot of the remaining summer saw the farmer baling straw so a lot of fun around the farm was in order as well as countless visits to the fields to either entertain the children or feed everyone.

The donkeys have been a huge hit with the children so walks around the farm with them has been a welcome change.

We went Blackberry picking which was a lot muddier than I had anticipated and ended in a couple of puddles going over the top of little wellies.

A busman’s holiday trip to a local petting farm was also a great day and that is where I actually got the idea for the donkeys from.

Despite the 6/7 weeks together, the children have got on famously and I know I say this every year but it seems each year that goes on, they play better together. This summer, it seems to have been a lot of playing cafe with one taking orders, one making the pretend food and one being the customer. If this has happened outside, the pretend food can often involves mud, grass or straw which is delightful but at least they are playing so I don’t complain.

It was the start of school which has changed everyone’s lives. The eldest has gone into year four and the middle one started reception. A staggered start did not help with G starting school on a Wednesday and Boo not returning until the following Monday.

I suppose it eased the baby to being on his own but he still asked every five minutes where G was and, as he walked out of the classroom door the other two nearly knocked G over as they ran and threw their arms around him. It brought a tear to my eye and was so lovely.

I imagine the next month will involve adjusting to school routines but there is always the weekend so let’s see what happens.

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