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I don’t think you would usually think a farm is the best place for stylish clothes and believe me, I wouldn’t either most of the time but, there are thousands of women around the world who live on farms, maybe they’re farmer’s wives or daughters or maybe they farm themselves but they must care to some degree what they look like.

The problem is, style and warm layers don’t always go hand in hand. It is highly unlikely that you would see thermal or waterproof garments on the catwalk. It seems designers of outdoor wear do not have fashion high on their agenda. Or so I thought.

So when Trespass asked me to review an item of clothing from their range, I worried. Would I have to make something up? Worse still would I have to get Hubster something?

Well, one look at their website and I needn’t have worried. It took me ages to choose something.

In the end, I opted for a black, hooded, quilted winter coat for myself-quite the farmer’s wife look. It should have been £62.99 but was on sale at £29.99 which either way is pretty reasonable for outdoor clothing.

coat c 1

I need a hood with two children because you can’t hold their hands or push a pram or do anything on the farm whilst holding an umbrella. It is just impossible.

It is a parka-look jacket looks great and will keep you warm during colder evenings and rainy afternoons.

The jacket features Coldheat technology which traps and stores heat generated by your body, helping to keep you warm even in arctic-like temperatures which is perfect on the farm.


The jacket also has a detachable faux fur trim which is great for providing extra warmth, versatility and style but I don’t think I will be removing it.

Plus, there are two lower pockets and two chest pockets giving me plenty of space to store my valuables and essentials, you know, the usual things you find in a mum’s pocket-dummies, snacks, toys and animal treats.

I hate rain but I was actually looking forward to it so I could try out the coat and it didn’t disappoint.

Despite it being June and officially Summer, it is anything but sunny and my favourite thing about the coat? The hood.

coat 2

It is not one of those fashion hoods which barely cover your crown. No. The hood on the Trudi coat comes right over my face which I think is just brilliant. Not only can I create an air of mystery about myself (come one, I can dream) but it actually keeps me dry. What is the actual point of a hood if it won’t? I’ve had plenty of coats that the hood doesn’t fit the bill though.

Do not be put off by the old fashioned view of outdoor clothing. Trespass has proved it can cut it in the fashion stakes while still being practical. It gets the thumbs up from me and I do like to think of myself as the original FWAG.

*We were sent the Trudey coat for the purpose of this review but all opinions and dodgy modelling poses are my own.


  1. Original FWAG! He he!! The coats really nice & you look great in it! I hate hoods that don’t actually cover anything too, the front of my hair always ends up soaking, what’s the point of that!

    1. Me too! Thanks lovely it’s not often I say I am looking forward to colder weather but only to wear the coat 😉

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