Strange things lurking under couch


So today I had my weekly under the couch purge.

It is always an eye opener.

In the old house we had laminate floor and I naively thought carpet at the farm would solve the under-the-couch magnetism.

I was wrong.

I have no idea how things get there. I never see them going under but as today shows, under, they most certainly go.

I find it amazing what we can miss for up to a week.

What lurks under your couch? Have a look-it might surprise you.


  1. I found what I thought was a hazelnut under mine this week…..significant only because we last had hazelnuts in their shells last Christmas. I was in the throes of wondering just how bad my housekeeping must be, when I realised it was actually a tiny conker..introduced last weekend by my grandchildren. My husband as decided to keep me after all….

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