Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat-A Review

I am always on the look out for baby and toddler products which can be used for more than one thing. Unless you have endless storage, there never seems to be anywhere to store such items-especially here when most things that go in barns get either covered in dust or used by our many farm cats. Neither option is ideal for baby products.

So when Summer Infant got in touch for us to try out the 3 Stage Super Seat, I couldn’t resist.

The Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat is an activity centre and booster in one. Comfortable and secure, it supports the baby in sitting up while engaging their senses in the fun, stimulating 360 degree play platform.

With a removable foam insert, the Super Seat grows with baby and can also be used as a booster for feeding time.

Its multi-purpose offers convenience for parents and is the ideal place to keep baby entertained, safe and happy.

To be honest, G is a little big for the orange booster seat but it was really easy to remove and he sat quite happily with the 360 degree play platform for longer than I would have ever imagined.

2016-02-25 17.01.49-2

He is into everything and trying to find somewhere safe for him to play while I go and put the oven on, answer the phone or even take a shower is hard.

Our farm house is on three levels so we have so many sets of stairs and, while there are gates at every level, I still can’t really leave him also as he climbs. Everything.

2016-02-25 17.01.44

It really is a great invention. The best thing about it in the playing stage is that the toys are fixed so if your baby is going through that stage of throwing their toys everywhere for you to retrieve, you will be safe in the knowledge that with the Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat will mean you won’t have to slip out of the shower with shampoo on your head because the toys will still be there when you get out.


The seat can also be used as a booster seat on an ordinary chair at the dinner table.


Now I am a hoarder so we had kept Boo’s pink booster seat but she went through a behaviour regression not long ago so it was back in the kitchen as a threat if she didn’t sit down and eat her meals.

Then we got the puppies and this happened:


Needless to say, it was no longer clean enough for Baby G so I was so pleased that the Summer Infant 3 Stage Super Seat was a booster seat too

We can take it to my parent’s house, he can take part in family meal times better and he will finally be able to craft and paint at the table with his big sister.

We couldn’t be more pleased

G also loved the box-don’t they always.

2016-02-25 17.04.44

Oh and I just have to make sure the right child is sat in the seat. She doesn’t want to miss out on anything.


*We were sent the Summer Infant 3 Stage SuperSeat for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

It is suitable from 4 months old and can be purchased from Amazon, Littlewoods, Mothercare, Precious Little One and Very.


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