Ten Ideas For Getting Outside in the Country

Summer is here and the weather seems to be playing ball so far. What better excuse do you need for getting out in the big outdoors and experience the countryside?

I have come up with ten things you can do in the countryside this year. I don’t want the ideas to be used solely for summer though. Most can be enjoyed all year round.

The British countryside is the most breathtaking throughout each season so what more of an excuse do you need?

1. Visit your county show. I love country show day. It is the day when animals, small scale food producers and artisans mix together with displays and fun for all the family. Some towns put on agricultural shows of their own so it is also worth keeping an eye on your local newspapers for dates.

2. Go horse riding. Most towns have a riding school where you can go and have a taster session. It is great for blowing the cobwebs out of your hair and is good exercise too.

3. Pack a picnic and head outdoors. Whether to the park or the forest, there really is something magical about eating outdoor.

4. Forage for food. Wild garlic, mushrooms, even some types of nettles are edible and don’t forget the elder berries later in the summer.

5. Get on your bike. Get the whole family on their bikes and head out to the countryside. You will see so much more in a bike saddle than you would in a car. Bliss.

6. Visit a farm. I know I am bias but finding out where your food comes from is so important. Look for local open days like Open Farm Sunday and reconnect with your food.

7. Hunt for things. Just simple things like sticks, stones, pebbles, dandelions, daisies. Children love a scavenger hunt.

8. Build a den. Get some sticks, small logs, leaves-anything really and make a hang-out in your garden.

9. If rain stops play? Don’t let it. Get your coats and wellies on and go puddle jumping. Even the most grumpy of adult cannot help but feel invigorated but a bit of jumping up and down in muddy puddles and I love the smell of summer rain.

10. Go fruit picking. Either at a pick-your-own farm or go looking in hedgerows for blackberries.

What will you try first?


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