Testing Out Peppa Pig Toys from HTI Toys #Gifted

Peppa Pig is still a big hit in our house and all three of them enjoy playing with the toys. When HTI Toys got in touch, I was very excited to give the children a Peppa Pig Medic Case and a Hamper Tea Set for them to review.

We tried the Medic Case out first. It is very appealing as the case is in the shape of Peppa herself and inside, we were very surprised to see so many accessories.

You get:

A stethoscope
A thermometer
A bottle of medicine
A Syringe
A dentist mirror
An auriscope

All the accessories are really sturdy and I love that it is called a Medic Case rather than a doctor or dentist because, as you can imagine here, the boys became vets.

The poor chihuahua sat so patiently while they poked and prodded her. She had her ears seen to, medicine administered and they were most upset when she wouldn’t open her mouth for them (I did intervene when it got a bit rough, don’t worry).

After their initial play with the set, I have seen them go back to the set numerous times and using items from it for whatever imaginative play they are initiating.

Next up, we tried the Hamper Tea Set, It arrives in a little case with handles and contains:

A tea pot
A milk jug
A sugar bowl
Four cups
Four Spoons
A picnic mat

The children set up the tea set beautifully and we were all served drinks by a dinosaur. Then things took a turn for the worse when the dinosaur proceeded to eat a cup but one of the boys averted disaster by bravely, reaching into the dinosaur’s mouth and retrieving the mug.

Then things went even more crazy when a toy excavator tried to “help” tidy up the picnic.

I still got my cup, expertly stirred by the youngest and we were all happy.

The only thing I would say is that it would have been nice if the case had been made of a more natural substance like wicker but the children where pleased with it.

We are all so pleased with our two Peppa Pig sets and we can’t wait to have hours of fun with it in the future.

*We were kindly sent the Peppa Pig Medic Case and a Hamper Tea Set for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.

**No chihuahuas were harmed in the review


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