Thank you teacher gift idea

So it’s the end of term and parents across the land are worrying what gifts to buy for teachers as a thank you.

I usually just get a tub of Celebrations or similar or a bottle of wine in the hope that they will share them round but, with Boo leaving pre-school for good (I know. I need counselling) I thought I had to do something special.

There are ten members of staff at her preschool so I got my thinking cap and took my inspiration from the wedding favours at a recent wedding we attended.

Each member of staff will receive a miniature bottle of wine with a paper straw wrapped with a ribbon.


I will probably get them something else to go with them which I haven’t decided yet but I am quite impressed with my organisation.

I am hoping they will like the gift and honestly, I can’t thank them all enough for all they have done with my darling daughter.

All parents worry when they leave their children for the first time but these women ha encouraged and nurtured my girl into the lovely little lady she is today and I will never be able to thank them enough.

What do you give for end of term gifts?


  1. Haha such a great little gift. S’s last day at her current pre school is tomorrow as she got a place at the local one for September. We are making cupcakes tonight and a little miniature finger painting of a flower saying thank you for helping me grow. Something small as I know it may end up in the bin, but I am loving your wine idea for possibly next year. 🙂

  2. As a teacher I would be thrilled to receive any of these lovely gifts (or anything at all-even just a verbal thank you is lovely!) I teach secondary though so all the kids are older and have loads of teachers, so each of us has less of an impact.

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