The 5 Different Levels of Farm Mud

Mud. Its brown and muddy, right? Well I suppose that is correct but it is only on a farm where you can categorise it into different types.

I was thinking about the different types recently and giggling to myself so I thought I would share some with you.

Forget 50 shades of Grey. This is the Five Levels of Mud.

1. Dry mud. Mud that was once wet and muddy but has dried out. Make no mistake that it is still mud and will become wet again if it rains or something liquid is poured on it.

2. Crusty mud. This is a dangerous type. Your kids or yourself might step in this type thinking it is dry but is only the crusty top layer which has dried out. There is still a sloppy area beneath the surface, just waiting for that white canvas shoe.

3. Wet mud. The most common form of mud. They type most people will think of when mud is talked about.

4. Contaminated mud. At the farm, it is sometimes better not to ask what is mixed with the mud. It is probably something animal related but it could equally have a dash of diesel or oil in it for good measure.

5. Non-mud. What everyone thinks as mud but is actually not mud. This is more common on farms where cattle is kept. Don’t let your intrigue get the better of you. Don’t allow your foot (whether wellied or not) be used as a test. It is not mud. It is slurry.

So there you have it. Who knew there were so many varieties of mud. If you think I have left any off then do let me know.

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