The Boots that Got Away



I read a blog once about the dress which got away. The blogger saw a dress in a vintage shop and didn’t buy it right away.

When she went back, it was gone.

I think everyone has an item of clothing or something which they wish they had bought.

For me, it was a pair of boots.

It must have beenover ten years ago now. Ten long years and those boots are still in my mind.

I think I was in the Trafford Centre and they were there, twinkling in the window of Schuh.

I didn’t even try them on but those boots were etched on my brain.

They were by Irregular Choice. Cream, cracked leather with a cow girl painted on the side.

The best bit? They even had Spurs on the back.

They were amazing.

They are no longer made.

I have looked on eBay every so often and found the odd pair but never in my size.

The last pair I saw on there, I messaged the lady selling them, asking if I could use her photos for this post and she said yes.

Ever since though, I have been going back to the photos.

Like a teenage girl drooling at a boy band, I have been drooling at the boots that will ever caress my foot.

How ironic though that now, living ln a farm, I could actually use the Spurs for real.

Alas they are not to be. It look at them.


I will never forget the boots that got away.

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