ITV Flockstars-Will Ewe Be Tuning In?


Farming families love to watch programmes about other farmers, well we do anyway. Everything stops for Country File and I mean everything.

However, despite farmers loving everything about their trade, it may be true that the general public isn’t always as enthusiastic.

Well, that is until a television company recruited celebrities to herd sheep.

That’s right. Tomorrow night, there is a brand new sheepdog trialling programme scheduled for prime time viewing on ITV.

From the heart of the great British countryside comes Flockstars, a brand new knockout competition, Hosted by Gabby Logan with a cast of famous faces who will be swapping red carpets for green fields and the all‐new palace of rural show business, the Flockstars Showground.

Brace yourself as “it’s time to release the sheep” (not to mention geese) and see which of the tweed‐adorned talented stars will be able to adapt their skillset to master the most impressive of countryside sports.

Competing in an intense eight‐week knockout, the Flockstars include national treasure and DJ for over 50 years Tony Blackburn; former Eternal singer, Kelle Bryan; professional dancer and sequined star of Strictly, BRendan Cole; multi MOBO award‐winning Fazer aka RIchard RAwson; Birds of a Feather star, Lesley Joseph; TV presenter and former Scottish Widow, Amanda Lamb; acclaimed actress and Coronation Street legend, Wendi Peters; and ten‐time Paralympic Gold medalist, Lee Pearson.

In the first episode of the knockout competition, two Flockstars, along with their four legged friends, will be trying their best to guide sheep around the Flockstars trialling course in the quickest time.

The first team to take on the challenge are professional Border Collie Hoggy and Strictly Come Dancing’s Brendan Cole, mentored by professional shepherd Emma. They will be going head to head with Midge and TV Presenter Amanda Lamb, mentored by shepherd Ed, with the remaining six Flockstars watching nervously from the sidelines of the showground.

We are really looking forward to it and I am already loving all of that tweed.

Will you be tuning in?

*Flockstars is on ITV1, tomorrow, July 30th at 8.30pm.

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