The double-edged sword of batteries on Christmas Day


Tonight I wrapped my daughter’s presents and as I hid them behind the chair in the living room, I heard Peppa Pig’s voice booming from within the wrapping.

Batteries in kids toys are a double edged sword at Christmas time.

On one hand you want them to enjoy the toys you have bought them. On the other, you seriously consider washing two paracetamol down with a white wine spritzer come midday on Christmas Day just to make the noise go away.

To make it worse in our house, Boo’s birthday is in January so just as the batteries have worn out from Christmas, a whole new lot get charged up for her birthday. ( see pic-last year’s birthday classic. We replace the batteries every six months as a treat!)


I have considered saying ‘oops Santa forgot to bring batteries’ but you do sound a bit mean don’t you?

The answer?

Ear plugs and alcohol.

Oh and don’t tell your little ones where the on-off switch is.



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