The Kids TV phenomenon amongst parents


Being a parent can sometimes feel isolating. You can loose touch with what is going on in your friend’s worlds let alone the world at large.

When they are very young especially, your life revolves around feeds and changing and you get obsessed with sleep, toilet habits and whether they’re warm/cool enough.

Now my Boo is older you’d think I’d get my life back but no. She is still the most important person in the house (naturally) but even when I try and watch something adult on TV-I’m only talking Breakfast TV or a soap, my little madam trots up brandishing the remote control demanding Peppa Pig.

An advert came on yesterday for Channel 5’s Milkshake (it’s a morning schedule of kids programmes seven days a week, if you don’t know) and it had some women with babies in prams talking about children’s TV programmes. One of them gets annoyed when the other starts telling them what happened in that days Toby’s Travelling Circus.


It really made me laugh and, if I’m honest made me feel a bit more normal.

There have been many days where the highlight has been a new episode of Peppa Pig that we’ve never seen before and I’ve told my mum about it. Or had conversations at work with my friend who has a toddler a similar age to Boo and she has endured a ‘who is your favourite Peppa Pig character’ conversation.

I mean, who hasn’t flopped down on the sofa after putting their children to bed and continued watching children’s television fore half and hour before realising it was still on?

I am told that eventually, you can watch adult TV again and have conversations about normal things.

At the moment however, these things are normal to us and do you want to know a secret? I actually enjoy the children’s television as much as Booble!




  1. Ha ha! I remember on Valentines day when I was rooting for handy Manny to hook up with Kelly. I seemed to be more interested in his love life than my own. I do try to steer my son towards cartoons I like, or to choose movies, but my weekly treat is Wednesdays when the kids are all tucked in I sit and do my nails and watch American Horror Story 😉

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