The Little Tikes Light ‘n Go 3-in-1 Sports Zone-A Review

I love toys that are multi functional and can transcend age groups. We were recently sent a 3-in-1 Sports Zone from Little Tikes and multi functional it certainly is, as well as multi purpose too.

With a basket ball, soccer or ten pin bowling option children will have hours of fun learning to trow, catch and kick.

There are educational features like learning numbers and colours as well as funky music for them to bop around to.

Suitable from nine months, babies will love sitting and playing with the different buttons while older children (and ones who can walk) will benefit from running around and actually playing the sports.

The set is easy to put together and comes with three different balls. The bowling ball is very cute and comes complete with the little finger holes that the adult bowling balls come with.

Concentration, fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination will all improve with the set and the best bit of all? Parents can join in.

During dry weather, we have it set up in the garden and we all run round playing. The beauty of the three separate sports and three children is that they can have a ball each.

The basket ball hoop is adjustable with the touch of a button so the toy will grow with your child.

On top of the bowling part are four different coloured shapes with numbers of them and in pressing them, it teaches cause and effect to your baby. J figured out pretty quickly that he got a well done and other encouragement if he got the ball in the basket ball hoop or scored a goal in the back of the net.

I was so impressed with the size of the toy. With the three sport areas you would imagine the floor space it takes up to be massive but it is really compact and can be folded together when not in use.

When the rain came, we took it inside for hours more fun. All of the children like the toy but at 14 months, it is the perfect activity for the youngest member of our family. He adores it and my dream of being the mother of a Premiership footballer may just come true as his ball skills are very impressive. Even at three, G tends to pick the ball up when he gets fed up but there is no hand ball with the baby. He dribbles it around everywhere with his little feet.

When a strike happens in the bowling game, huge cheers and a fanfare is activated which thrills all of the children.

I am not going to lie, the farmer and I had a game of bowling one night after the children went to bed. Much hilarity was had and, wait for it….I actually got a strike. I was very please with myself.

The Little Tikes 3-in-1 Sports Zone retails at £39.99. We were sent the toy for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own. We genuinely loved it and I can see it being used by my three for many years to come.


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