The Massey Ferguson Tractor Set from Farm Toys Online-A Review

What’s better than a new toy tractor?

Why, a new toy tractor with a bale lifter, bales and a collection of animals.

This Massey Ferguson Tractor Set is what my biggest boy was met with one morning when he came home from nursery.

It’s a Massey, obviously. After all, if it ‘aint red, leave it in the shed.

Hours of fun ensued and, as it was so hot that day, we played outside and the box that the toy came in became the barn.

His imagination is amazing.

The set is by Britains, the icon of farm toys and it is from Farm Toys Online, the most amazing website where all farm, equestrian and outdoor toys can be ordered in one place.

The tractor is a Massey Ferguson 5612 with original decal detail, enclosed cab, front wheel steering, front hitch, rear 3-point hitch and rolling wheels with tyre tread detail.

The bale lifter has two round bales (silage) with hitch to attach to the rear hitch.

According to George, the farmer is taking the silage to feed the two black and white cows, two pigs, sheep and and two chickens which are also included in the set.

It is made from die cast metal and plastic so is made to last and retails at £26.99 which is great value for all that is included.

Just incase you are new to the world of toy farms (I only started myself at Christmas 2017), it can be a minefield.

The confusion for me, is all down to scale but Farm Toys Online has come up with a handy guide to help you (and me).

The short version is, if you stick to one scale for all of your farm toys, you won’t end up with a cow that is bigger than a tractor and all vehicles and animals will fit in your barn.

Imagine if your chickens didn’t physically fit in their coop-no one wants the full on rage of a three year old carpet farmer do they?

My children (George in particular) often role play what they have seen out on the farm. Silly goats get their horns stuck in fencing and chickens fly over fences.

George also likes to watch daddy on his tractor and then replicate it later with his own tractor. Sometimes it amazes me. I don’t think he has seen something but then it is acted out perfectly with his toys.

In the summer, many of the tractors and animals migrate to the sandpit which is a great surface for the little treads on the tractor wheels. It’s fine, even when water I mixed, as it inevitably is, the tractors and animals just get rinsed under a tap and are as good as new.

Farm Toys Online is such an amazing place and, while I was sent this set to review, I do actually buy things off them too.

Last Christmas, when I adjourned to Santa’s workshop to help wrap some presents, I realised that the tractor engine toy we had bought for George had far too many small bolts and screws to safety let it be anywhere near the baby who was nine months old at the time and putting everything in his mouth (he still is).

Panicked that George would have nothing farm related on Christmas Day, I ordered a remote control John Deere from Farm Toys Online on December 21st, paid for next day delivery and, unbeknown to them, the saved Christmas. I don’t think you can get praise higher than that, do you?

If you have carpet farmers and pony mad princes and princesses in your house, this really is the one stop shop for everything you could possibly need in the farm or stable yard.

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