The Mouse And The Crocodile-Book Review


We love a good book here so when we were offered the chance to review Lorraine Catterall’s The Mouse and the Crocodile, we said, erm yes please.

It is an unlikely tale. A little mouse and a big crocodile become friends in a bid to find home. They meet other creatures along the way who help them and it really is a great book which teaches you should never judge someone by the way they look.

Without giving it all away, I was worried at the end that the mouse may become a tasty meal for the crocodile but my pessimism was short-lived. They really were the best of friends.


Writing a children’s book has always been something that Lorraine has dreamt about doing. Since becoming a mummy herself three years ago she has been surrounded by many children’s books and like all parents, story time is always part of the bedtime ritual.

It was during this time that Lorraine finally decided to give it a try and take the plunge into the self publishing world. After many months in the making, The Unlikeliest Of Friends; The Mouse & The Crocodile is her first foray into children’s literature and, if this one is anything to go by, we are already looking forward to the next book.

The story is in rhythmical rhyme which I love to read out loud and the illustrations are lovely.

You can purchase The Mouse and the Crocodile from Amazon but do check out Lorraine’s website and Facebook page for news and updates.

With the story being about a mouse, it was bound to appeal to my mouse-loving-Boo and, being the most important person in the house, she really did give it the thumbs up. I think you will too.



*We were sent a copy of the Mouse and the Crocodile for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.






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