The Rugby World Cup-Getting Children Involved

It’s under two weeks until the Rugby World Cup and, as we are hosting the tournament, it seems only right that I try and get some rugby themed play into our life.

Hailing from Wigan, I don’t need too much persuasion to look into the chunky thighs of men but it is all Rugby League where we live and the World Cup is Rugby Union.

Not put off by the change in rules- different countries of the world getting together to throw a ball around is great for teaching little ones a little geography.

We got the atlas out to look at where the different teams came from, looked at different flags and even talked about the different foods eaten by people from different places.

As always, I find crafts a great way to look at seasonal happenings and we were sent some really cute Rugby Colour In Finger Puppets.


There were a few designs in the packet and a mixture of male and female characters which I was pleased about-after all, women play rugby too.

Boo enjoyed lining them all up on her favourite place-the window ledge in our living room and then we coloured them in.


We tried to colour some of them in with the same colours as the flags we saw in the atlas but then Boo got creative and, in the end, any colour went.


The Rugby World Cup begins on September 18th with England taking on Fiji at Twickenham. Matches will be played throughout the country including Birmingham, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds and Manchester.

Whether you like rugby or not, it is a great excuse to support a team and teach children about sport and geography.

*We were sent the rugby crafts by Baker Ross but all opinions are my own.





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