#WeaningWarriors On The Go with Vital Baby

Weaning is in full flow here at the farm.

I think it has become a bit easier now that Baby G is seven months old as we have been introducing meat and fish to his diet so he can essentially eat what we do.

I never add salt to my cooking so, as long as I am mindful of which sauces I use, we are good to go.

This week alone, he has had sausage mash and beans, spaghetti and meatballs and beef stew. He loves my cooking much more than prepared baby foods but, let’s face it, if you are out and about, baby food pouches can be a lot easier.



As a Weaning Warrior ambassador for Vital Baby, I have been able to try out some of their weaning range and, as G’s appetite has grown, we have mostly said goodbye to the tiny food holders. They are still good for snacks on the go though but it is the larger tubs that now line my fridge and freezer.


One of the best things they sent us was the Weaning Set. Available in blue, pink or orange, you can securely store home made baby food in your changing bag for feeding on the go without having to worry about fish pie leaking all over your clean nappies and bibs.

photo 1

The best and I mean the best invention however is the little spoon cover.

photo 4

I always worry about germs in my change bag when you have to take spoons out with you and then when the food has been eaten, I hate putting the dirty spoon back in the bag. Even wiping them with baby wipes won’t guarantee stray bits of food won’t end up floating around your bag.

photo 2

This really is a brilliant invention and one that I can see being used for years to come.

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  1. Aww time has flown! Can’t believe you are on weaning already! I remember using those bowls with my daughter and they were fab. The spoon holder looks so practical. You are right; mess gets everywhere! Good luck with it – sounds like he is doing well! xx #maternitymondays

  2. Wow that really is a genius invention. I wish I’d see this when we were weaning Evie. 😀 I loved the early weaning stages. It was so much fun getting them to try all the new tastes and seeing which were the favourites. 😀 x #maternitymondays

  3. I love the idea of the spoon cover what a fab idea! I’m about to start weaning my 2nd soon and need to buy a load of new stuff so thanks for sharing 🙂


  4. Glad he’s enjoying his food. We did the same with our boys and gave them whatever we ate, this has made it so much easier as they grew up. Now we can go to any restaurant and they eat pretty much anything. #maternitymondays

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