1. Oh Emma you’re so clever! One day I will learn to knit. My granny taught me when I was a child too but I didn’t keep it up and couldn’t do it now. One of my friends has a flock of sheep. She shears them, dyes and spins the wool herself and knits the most incredible slippers. The base of the slippers is made from skins of her sheep when they kill them for meat so they literally use the whole animal. I’ve always been so impressed and I buy slippers from her every winter!

  2. Lovely! I’m the same with ensign, everything always comes out wrong but I won’t give up. Crochets next on my To Do list as well. My friend has alpacas on her farm and has learned to spin the wool herself, never say never, you’ll be knitting with home bred wool sooner than you know it.

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