The Tomy Digital TF500 Monitor


We lived in a terraced house when my daughter was born. We did buy a baby monitor but to be honest, we didn’t really need one.

When she was really young, she was with us anyway and when she was older, our dog would run up and down stairs when she awoke.

We moved to an old farm house when she was nearly 2 and the old monitor would not work through the thick stone walls and three floors.

I researched widely and decided to opt for the Tomy Digital TF500 Monitor for the simple reason that it had the largest range (350metres).

I have to say that I hate reading instructions for anything but the instructions for the Tomy Digital TF500 Monitor were very easy to follow and the best thing? It works.

The upstairs of our house, where my daughter’s bedroom is, is at least 50 feet from the ground and that doesn’t include the thickness of the walls and the fire doors that building regulations insisted we installed.

Most parents use their children’s bedtime (especially those with babies and toddlers) as the time to tidy and clean yet I couldn’t do this as the kitchen is too far away from the bedrooms.

With the Tomy monitor however, I could. When it was warm in the summer I could garden and I even went to one of the barns and it still worked.

The parent unit beeps when it is out of range so I feel like I have my life back and it is all thanks to my new monitor.

It was only £36.99 too. There are monitors out there for much more money.

I understand parents buy the ones with cameras and sensors for peace of mind but when babies are small you have them with you so I don’t really see the need of them.

I would whole heartedly recommend the Tomy Digital TF500 Monitor. Especially for people in big houses or farmhouses like ours. Ten out ten and I have a tidy kitchen again-well, most of the time.


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