The Tractor Ted Soft Toy-A Review

There is a new tractor at the farm and we are prepared to have some big adventures with him. One of the big problems with my little farm boys is when they want to inevitably go to bed with their toy tractor.

I dread such nights because I know I will be getting up to settle them after rolling over on a hard bit of plastic or metal.

Thankfully, the people at Tractor Ted must have been made aware of such farm child problems and they have released a Tractor Ted mini plush so tractor cuddling can commence with all the fervour but none of the sharp corners.

The toy has embroidered face details which means no little buttons can fall off and I think for this reason, it would also be a great gift for any little farm babies you might know.

My youngest son gets hardly anything with his over-zealous big brother declaring everything to be his so I was determined that the soft Tractor Ted would belong to the youngest member of the family.

He impressed me enough that one of his first words was tractor and he often stands waving madly at the television shouting “tractor” until we give in and put his favourite Tractor Ted DVD on.

His little face was delighted when I gave him the toy. He proceeded to coo tractor to it and cuddled it to within an inch of its life. His big brother had similar ideas though the next morning.

I often get carried away with Tractor Ted. They have some lovely, classic toys for little ones that you can tell have been really well thought out. I am not ashamed to tell you that this little green character will feature heavily on the youngest’s Christmas list. From jigsaws, wooden puzzles and DVD’s to books and bath toys, there is something for every farm lover with Tractor Ted.

We were sent the Tractor Ted plush for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own and we do genuinely buy Tractor Ted items for our children.

The Soft Toy retail at £9.99.

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