The trial and error of friendship

Friends. They’re funny aren’t they. You’re encouraged from an early age to make them. In the playground they change as often as your hair bobbles and, if you have an argument, it was quite common to hear ‘I’m not your friend any more’ as a kind of punishment.

As you grow older, your friends change. Life gets in the way. Having children means you can’t devote as much of your time to them as you did.

I often envy people who have stuck with the same group of friends since school.

I haven’t really.

I had one ‘best’ friend from uni but even we fell out recently and, to be honest, I think the whole experience was as bad as splitting up with a boyfriend.

I still have dreams about her and get upset when I think about it.

I have other friends who, I may not see all the time but, when we do get together, it is as if we’ve never been apart.

I also have friends who I’ve met through Boo. Our children are the same age so it follows that we’ll get together for coffee or at soft play centres so our children can play together.

Recently, I got in contact with a girl who I used to know years ago. We worked together and then started going out on Saturday nights or shopping.

photo 2

This is us back in the day, please ignore how thin I was *sobs*

We were very close and spoke most days, even when we no longer worked together.

However about ten years ago we drifted apart. We spoke once, when I first got with Hubster, but we never saw each other again until last week.

After a really long telephone conversation, we met up.

It was amazing. Like we’d never been apart.

It just goes to show that even though life does get in the way, it really doesn’t matter.

True friends will always feel like you only spoke to them yesterday, even when it was ten years ago.

photo 1

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  1. I have a story like this, and I honestly think a true friendship can survive a decade of being apart. Glad you got your bestie back 🙂 #magicmoments

  2. Friends are a weird one for me too, like you my best Friends (2 of them) and I parted ways a month after my wedding 4 years ago basically because I was moving on and settled in life and they decided they didn’t need or want me as a friend anymore. I agree it was worse than a break up for me and took literally years to get over, I just didn’t understand what went wrong. However I have two amazing friends still who i could depend on forever.Its all about quality for me. Glad you’ve reconnected with your old friend! #magicmoments

  3. I totally understand that life does get in the way, it’s so great that you’ve connected with someone you’ve not seen in years and found that ‘true’ friendship. Dropping in from Magic Moments.

  4. Friendships are indeed a funny thing and I know what you mean about it being like a break up. I was close to the same group of girls for a long time but had a long messy fall out over 2 years ago that still upsets me now when I think about it though I know I am happier without them in my life… then other friendships pick up where you left off, even years later… it is incredible realy! Lovely post! xx #magicmoments

  5. Hello there, this is a lovely post and yes I know exactly what you mean-I see friends I haven’t seen in years and it’s like we saw each other yesterday, no matter how much our lives have changed in the meantime. That’s the beauty of a friendship which was meant to be I guess. Really enjoyed your post x #magicmoments

  6. You have a very profound point about friendship. I, like you, have had a similar journey. I’ve lost touch with a few and discovered others, and gotten back in touch with a few more. I think your point about getting together with friends you haven’t seen in while, and feeling as though the separation was never there is a good sign of a true connection. Thank you for sharing!

  7. I have a few old friends who I rarely see, but who I know I will pick up with where I left off, and that is a wonderful thing. So glad you met up with your friend again, friendships like that are very special x #MagicMoments

  8. Oh this is lovely Emma, I’m so glad you got back in touch and it was just the same. I have a very close friend I’ve known since primary school but we had a spell when we weren’t in touch, nothing happened we just drifted and now we are closer than ever. I hope you too continue to stay in touch now, good friends are very important xx

  9. What a lovely story. Sorry to hear about the friend you fell out with, but how lovely to have got back together with this friend. I see my best friend from uni about once every two years, but whenever we do meet, it’s just like this.

  10. True friendships will always be fine, no matter how long you have gone without talking to or seeing each other. You will always drift apart and away from some friends as you go through life – it does hurt but it’s the way of life x #PoCoLo

  11. Ahhh this is a topic I have written a few posts on myself. Friendships are funny things aren’t they, especially after having a babby. Glad you had a lovely meet up though xx

  12. I honestly feel that with a true friend, there is no need to live in each others pockets, you can meet up after any length of time and still just connect.


  13. I think you are right that friendships go through phases – often depending on geography and circumstance. There is, however, no better feeling than when an old friendship clicks magically back into place. Enjoy 🙂 #PoCoLo

  14. This post describes the ups & downs of friendship s perfectly, glad that you’ve managed to reconnect with an old friend! #PoCoLo

  15. When I got married and pregnant my friends are not there. They got mad at me for something thats really my fault and they never forgave me. I am alone now and I am use to it but sometimes it is really nice to have friends. Hopefully when I go back home I can have something like this, I can meet a friend and be like we never stop being friends. #pocolo

  16. aww lovely i had a similar experience and its so nice isn’t it! .. wishing your rekindled friendship lots of girly times 🙂

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

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