Three Home Refurbishment Tips to Get You Through the Winter

It’s easy to believe that your home is a sturdy and permanent part of your life that you can rely on through thick and thin. While this is mostly true, it’s important to remember that even something as solid as a house needs to adapt somewhat as the seasons change. Much like people requiring a different wardrobe during hotter months compared to cold ones, your home can benefit from some refurbishment tips that can keep it secure and hospitable throughout winter. Here are a few ways you can keep yourself safe and warm while it’s cold outside.

One: Stay Warm

The most obvious difference between winter and the rest of the year is that it has the lowest temperatures. Once you’ve filled your home with heavy blankets and comfortable cushions, you can’t stop there. To save you money on your energy bill and help you survive the harsh, cold months, check your home for weak points where heat could escape. Single-glazed windows are often cited as something all homes should replace to keep the heat indoors. As well as this, remember to keep your walls and roof well insulated and maintained. These small refurbishment jobs will save you time and money in the long run. For a more exciting refurbishment idea to keep you warm, why not install a fireplace? Heat your home while at the same time injecting your own style into it and creating a focal point in a room.

Two: Protect Your Garden

It’s not just the inside of your home that has to get through the winter months. If you have a garden it’s likely that you take at least a bit of pride in its upkeep, even if that just means mowing the lawn occasionally. If you can, move sensitive plants into a greenhouse to protect them from frost and snow. Delicate ecosystems such as ponds should be looked after carefully – for tips on how to maintain your pond take a look at Water Garden. It would be a shame for you to work so hard on your piece of paradise for it to suffer before spring can arrive.

Three: Learn from Squirrels


It may sound silly, but there’s a reason little animals like squirrels can remarkably survive the coldest time of year. Instead of stashing away nuts to feed you through winter though, consider creating a pantry in your kitchen to stock up on essentials. This means fewer trips to the shop when you run out of food plus it adds to the farmhouse feel of your home. If you want to take this an extra step further, rethink your entire kitchen to suit the purpose of storage and keeping food fresh. Some people use chest freezers to store larger quantities of food at a time. Your kitchen is a great place to focus on in winter as it’s where your warmth and nourishment come from. Turn it into a cosy, inviting space where eating and relaxing are a priority. Since it’s so cold outside, make the indoors as inviting as possible.


*This is a collaborative post


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