Uses for Zoflora on the Farm

I can bleat on about how much I love Zoflora for hours days. It really is the most versatile cleaning product I have found.

While many people love the stuff, it is on the farm that it really comes into its own. Farm life can be very mucky-for everyone, human and animal alike.

You need something to be hard on germs yet kind for kids and animals and, for this, Zoflora comes up trumps every time.

Here are my top ten things to use Zoflora on-on the farm.

1. Mop floors. Ordinary households do this too but nowhere gets more traffic than our kitchen. Muddy welly prints, paw prints, you name it, it ends up on the kitchen floor. Using Zoflora not only disinfects everything but the pleasant smells make me actually look forward to mopping.

2. Animal bedding. Animals smell. All of them. Imagine your dog rolling in fox poo or something dead. You can bath them all you want but if you don’t address where they sleep, the odour will linger. I add a capful of Zoflora when I wash the dog’s bed and I am confident that when the children inevitably join the dog for a cuddle, they are less likely to pick up a deadly disease.

3. The farmer (and the rest of us) need to wash our hands when we come in from caring for animals or any other delightful task which involves getting your hands dirty. Keeping a bottle of Zoflora handy by the sinks means I can give the sinks a quick clean when the hand washing is done.

4. Puppies, toddlers and other baby animals have accidents. Even Rosie the old girl still has the odd accident so having the Zoflora handy to clean up anything is great for me. I have it in a spray mop and a spray bottle for any occasion.

5. Farm clothes-coats especially, often have a bit of a smell about them. Especially if it’s particularly wet. Thankfully, by wiping a bit of Zoflora on the radiators means the whole house smells nice and not like horse, sheep or wet dog.

6. I’m sure you get the picture about the mucky nature of farming but nothing can prepare you for lambing. The farmer quite often strips off at the washing machine after getting blood and other delights on his clothing. I put a capful of Zoflora in with this kind of washing to ensure no germs linger.

7. After a particularly bad wash (see 6), I often put a cap of Zoflora straight into the drum of my washing machine ad run a quick wash to disinfect the washing machine.

8. As long as you follow the instructions and allow to dry completely, Zoflora is safe to use around animals (except for feed bowls). If there is a particularly mucky area outside, I often swill it out with a bucket of hot water and some Zoflora just to make sure everywhere is clean. It helps with odour outside too.

9. I suppose this would apply to any household but, before bed or if we are going out for the day, I put a bit of Zoflora neat into my toilets and sinks and leave either overnight or for the day. Not only are the sparkling clean on waking or my return but the room smells delightful too.

10. Like the people and clothing, farm vehicles can get a bit grubby. A quick wipe with a cloth rinsed in Zoflora will have your tractor or quad bike looking as good as new. My car has leather seats and my children eat in the car (no matter how many times I’ve banned it) so a quick wipe with a Zoflora cloth makes me feel slightly better that they won’t catch anything off the six month old chicken nugget they found down the seat.

Are you a Zoflora addict? Where do you use it?


  1. I’ve never used it, but I feel for you on the car front. N just leaves packets of everything and crumbs everywhere, on the footwells mainly. Sigh.

  2. I bet you go through gallons of this in a year – I’ve got the lavender one (awesome smell) it’s the husband who does most of the deep cleaning (as he finds it relaxing) – irons too – win 😉 Love Bec xx xx

  3. I bet you go through gallons of this in a year – I’ve got the lavender one (awesome smell) it’s the husband who does most of the deep cleaning (as he finds it relaxing) – irons too – win 😉 Love Bec xx xx

  4. I’m 58 and am so pleased to see the love for Zoflora being spread around again. Before my dog passed he used to have strong smelling urine and with do very legs he would pee close to the house. I would swill the area down with Zoflora daily. It kept everywhere smelling sweet. I still use it in my home all the time but I haven’t used the radiator trick yet! Genius I will try that today.

    1. I wish I’d known about it earlier. Our dog used to do her business in the same place in our old house and I think it was only because she could still smell it after I’d cleaned. Zoflora wins with this very Time 🙂

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