Vanish’s toughest challenge yet plus a Competition


Forget kids not coming with a manual, they also don’t come with stain remover.
It would be so handy if, as you walked through the hospital doors, a nice midwife could hand you a tub of Vanish because, believe me, you will need it.

Milk doesn’t stain because it is white right? Well, not if your beautiful baby burps on your favourite black top.

We are thinking about weaning at the moment too and it is a known truism that no matter what colour food you give to your baby, the stain will be orange. Why?

Added to this, we live on a farm. In the summer it’s dusty. In the winter it’s muddy and with animals, use your imagination. Anything can happen.

In true Emma style, my nesting has kicked in after Baby G was born and I have been sorting through Boo’s old shoes.

Now some of them are fit only for the bin but there were quite a few pairs of pretty canvas shoes that I thought, after a wash, may sell on eBay. Why not? I am on maternity leave, after all.


Thankfully, Vanish sent me a lovely little stain removing pack containing:

Vanish Powershot

Vanish Gold Powergel

and Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder.



On close inspection, some of the pairs I had no hope for. Due to the beading detail, it was hard to rub the prewash stain remover in but I did and I really liked the ergonomic design of the bottle and the ease of use.


Next up, I am not going to lie, I even sprayed the carpet stain remover on too. In for a penny and all that.

I then split the shoes into two pillow cases, tied them with a bobble and washed them with my usual powder and fabric conditioner with a scoop of Vanish Gold.

I was so excited to open the machine and peg the shoes on the line and I was pleasantly surprised.


The shoes have come up sparkling and I am sure I will be able to sell them now.


You can find out more about Vanish Gold and lots of tips on stain removal here.

We are currently working with Vanish, the world’s number one stain removal brand. For a stain removal brand their website is surprisingly engaging with such features as the tip exchange, a user content generator, where members of the public post stain problems facing them and offer solutions to others. Here’s a link to the tip exchange advert so you can see for yourself: here.

If you think, our farm is the extreme of stains, especially on footwear, think how much theseroducts would help in your battle against the stain.

I have a set of Vanish products like the ones I received up for grabs for one lucky reader. To enter, fill I. The Rafflecopter below.
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*We were sent the Vanish Stain Set for the purposes of this review but all opinions are my own.


  1. Toss up between marker pens and tomato based pasta sauces, both the bane of my life

  2. My other half works in a Scrap Yard so all the dust and greese from there its a nightmare!! 🙁

  3. Red wine. I’ve been able to remove the stains from cotton garments as I can use a stain remover and hot wash, but woolens are a real problem.

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