Visiting our local library

I’ve written before about my love of books and how I want to pass this trait on to Boo.

library frame

We joined our local library about a year ago. Even I was impressed. The people who work there are amazing. They love books too and, when they got to know me and what I liked reading, they would recommend books to me.

Then I forgot to take some books back and was whacked with a £16 fine. It was totally my fault but I didn’t go back for a while as I felt I couldn’t be trusted remembering to take books back.

If the books had been on Boo’s card, the fine wouldn’t have been so much but they were on mine.

So I decided, I had sulked enough and, we ventured back to the library.

Thankfully I had paid the fine so no flashing lights went off when I walked through the door.

I have it off to a tee now.

Boo knows she comes with me first and I choose my books in record speed.

Then we head to the children’s section.

Boo got very excited when she saw all the books and I think it is lovely that they are all on her level.

Boo went for a cat book with a little button that meows when you press it. I got some new books to read at bedtime and we both left happy.

library collage

I do find it hard telling a three year old to be quiet in the library. She did sing a bit of a loud song but the employees don’t seem to mind too much.

I really believe everyone should support their local libraries. It’s not just novels in there. Our library has cook books, diet and lifestyle books and loads of other titles to choose from.

I have written on my calendar, diary and put in my phone when we have to take the books back. I’m not making that mistake again.



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