What it means to be a mum.


Being a mum means many things. You clean up sick and poo. Wipe snotty noses, comfort, hug, love.

What about the things people don’t tell you about though. Here is a prime example.

Now it is well documented that I am on a diet. I have to lose two stone by May (well, it’s June 2nd now but what’s a week between two stone?)

So yesterday I cleaned out my vegetable basket. You know, where I keep potatoes onions, that kind of thing.

In the summer, I discovered some rather attractive little flies coming our of my veg box. Some rotten potatoes were the cause and, since then, I have been much more vigilant with the veg.

As I cleaned it out, a small, shiny red orb appeared in the corner of the box.

One beautiful indulgent little lindt chocolate, left over from Christmas and shouting (like the voice in Alice in Wonderland) “eat me.”

Now, being the strict kind of dieter that I am trying to be, I didn’t gobble down its velvet luciousness there and then.

No, I put it on the work top, looked at it, felt it in my hand and thought- “I’ll save it.” My reackoning was once I’d eaten it, it would be gone but while it was there, I can swoon about it a bit.

I told my mum and she warned-eat it. If you don’t, someone else will.

Sure enough, the wise words of my mother came back to haunt me today when, after an especially cold play out on the farm, Boo spotted my prize.


“Choc mum, choc,” she cried. How can you resist that face?

I photographed her eating it and, to be fair, she did enjoy it.


So there it is. Motherhood is allowing your little one to eat your last lindt chocolate.

How selfless is that?


  1. See, and here I thought upon seeing the picture you were going to say that being a mom means knowing how to unwrap a chocolate like that without making a sound. ;-P Very sweet ending though. Cheers.

  2. Selfless indeed! I would have persuaded her to half it! I’m quite adept at getting haribo off my sons! #magicmoments

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