Sleepless nights and nit-filled dreams

A week ago, I had the worst night sleep ever. I’d watched Call the Midwife last Sunday and one of the characters had nits.

Well that night, I dreamt I had them and I must have itched all night.

I would like to say this was an isolated incident but I am afraid it is not.

Boo first went to nursery for half a day a week when she was two. At that time, we had an email from said nursery, informing us that head lice (the new term for nits) were ‘going round’ and to be vigilant.

Well, I took Boo out of nursery. I’m not saying the nits were the whole reason-I felt she was too young, but they were a big part of it.

So she started going half a day a week again in September, to ready her for the 15 free Early Years hours available in the term after she is three (which will be after Easter.)

Since September, we have had at least two ‘nit emails.’

It just fills me with dread. I never had them as a child and I don’t know why, but I think any child under, say five, is just too young for horrible little creatures to be living. I’m sure the nits aren’t so fussy about the age of the recipient but I can’t stand the thought.

So when I was browsing through Twitter day or two after the Call the Midwife episode and I saw that Vosene were giving a set of shampoo and conditioning spray-made specifically for the eradication of head lice, I thought it was a sign from above. I entered and guess what? I only went an won it.

My sleepless nights are (hopefully) over.


I won a lovely back pack complete with……wait for it…..

Vosene head lice repellent 3-in-1 conditioning shampoo AND advanced conditioning defence spray.

According to the website, the two have a “clinically proven formula” which “provides even more protection against head lice.

“Instantly detangles even the worst knots leaving hair healthy looking and shiny. Simply apply to washed, damp hair (or dry hair in between washes) to help prevent head lice from striking back.

Well, last night was bath night at the farm so Boo was shampooed doused down with Vosene’s magic potion and, it smelled rather pleasant. I was worried as we are used to a ‘no more tears’ formula in our house but there were no tears with Vosene (tears of joy from mummy but that is another story).


I had a shower while Boo had a splashy play (it is in the same room-no lone bathing in our house) but I used too. I’d run out of my usual shampoo the temptation was too great.

When Boo was out of the bath, I sprayed the ‘advanced conditioning defence spray’ and began to blow dry.


She has a lot of hair (hubster and I do so it must be genetic). Thankfully she is used to the blow dry as I have done it from birth and, I think you will agree, her hair was left shiny and beautiful (I know I am meant to think this but here is another just to show you).


At work today I kept getting a lovely whiff of tea tree and rosemary from my own hair and I felt like a head lice-shaped weight had been lifted from my shoulders.

I visited Vosene’s website before I wrote this post and even more amazing nit stuff can be found on there. From a nitwatch map to a #nitwatch hashtag on twitter, it is the nit buster’s dream. There is also a handy poster to down load which I thought was really good.

If you want to find out more about Vosene’s new head lice range, go to

I for one am so pleased I won the competition. It is (one of) the best prizes I’ve ever won.

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  1. Thank fantastic that they made a product that prevents it and works great on the kids hair. Usually it smells all medicated and leaves the hair greasy. When my kids go to school I will be sure to keep this in mind. #triedtested Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ahhh I won the this set form Vosene too!! 😀
    My girls school is rife with nits and this has eased my mind a bit…..I think I will continue to use it….Great product!!

  3. Nits are literally my biggest fear at work! I like the idea of the prevention spray!Think I’ll have to invest.
    Urgh I’m itching now just reading this post lol. What is it about nits!!
    Thanks for linking up this week 🙂

  4. well done on winning, looks like it was a handy prize. nits are a nightmare but one of those things kids normally get when they start school, my 3 & 4 year old had there first experience over christmas. will have to look out for this

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