1. That looks pretty much perfect to me-I love the photo of her in her nappy pushing the pram! I agree, you can just pop out in the summer whereas just now it’s a military operation to get ready to go out and then you have the mess and delay erring once you’re in again. Fingers crossed Spring isn’t too far around the corner 🙂

  2. So many lovely photos. I think you’re absolutely right, they (and us!) do need fresh air, and it needn’t be loads of toys, though my pair love their little trampoline, as just wondering around and discovering the world out there is adventure enough for them. Loving that hat, too 😉 #CountryKids

  3. afamilydayout

    Looks like a fantastic place to grow up. I didn’t live on a farm when I was a kid but we had loads of animals and I still have fond memories of those.

  4. Thanks for linking up your lovely post – Boo is definitely a Country Kid and a very stylish one too. Like you I am a strong advocate of getting outdoors and enjoying what nature has to offer and it looks like Boo embraces that wholeheartedly too. Our children also enjoy the freedom of where we live which gives them great opportunities for wonderful play, I also hope they realise how fortunate they are. Thanks for coming over and sharing with Country Kids.

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