Why I feel sorry for the Duchess of Cambridge

When I was in labour I didn’t want anyone to know.

My parents, my husband’s parents and, obviously, my husband knew but that was it.

I didn’t want the stress of anyone texting asking stupid things like: ‘any signs yet?’ or people posting on my Facebook account: ‘hope it’s not too painful.’

Birth is such a private thing.

You look awful, you feel awful and, when experience the wonderful emotional rush of childbirth, you want to cocoon your new little family and protect it from the rest of the world.

I also wanted to be the first to announce my daughter’s arrival on Facebook but, as is increasingly becoming the norm, a family member decided she should do it for me, totally stealing what could be the only baby thunder I might ever have.

Thankfully, when I left hospital I could just limp across the car park without the lenses of the world’s media trained on to me. Hopefully the Duchess of Cambridge won’t have the burst blood vessels round her mouth from pushing like I did.

I am excited about the royal birth. I just feel a bit sorry for Kate.


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