Why has the Duchess of Cambridge still got a baby bump?

I was staggered to hear the question on Sky News minutes after Kate and William brought the lovely baby George out to the waiting world.

Why has the Duchess of Cambridge still got a baby bump?

They had some half-wits on bleating about how her uterus hadn’t shrunk back to its normal size yet.


Does the media at large think the general public isn’t aware of this fact?

My daughter is 2 and a half and my stomach still looks like a ravaged map of the British Isles (I blame genes!!)

The media goes on about the amount of pressure put on new mums to loose baby weight and spring back into shape quicker than a bungee jump cord so could they not just keep their mouths shut?

When you have a baby, all you want to do is look after the little creature in your arms and, as a mother, that should be your only job in the first few weeks-providing everything for your bundle of joy. House work, gym membership and calorie counting alike should be the last things on your mind.

When I trained as a journalist I was always taught about assumed knowledge-where you assume readers are intellectually bright enough to know the basics of whatever you are writing about. Everyone has been born therefore everyone knows someone who has given birth.

What a joke.

Sky News and the other people who even mentioned it need to have a word with themselves.

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